My name is Clancy and I’m the founder of Way-finder field skills. My affinity for the outdoors began as a child when my mother would often take me with her on multi day hiking adventures in the Tasmanian wilderness. I maintained my enthusiasm for outdoor pursuits into adulthood and if I wasn’t somewhere in the mountains of Tasmania then I could be found climbing at a rock face, fishing a wild river or riding a mountain bike trail.

My love of adventure led me to join the military in 2003 where I served for 13yrs in both regular infantry and special operations. During my time in the army I successfully completed 3 sniper qualifications- basic sniper course, advanced sniper team leader course and special forces sniper course. All 3 of these courses tested my skill and ability in the field environment to their utmost and created an exponential growth in my knowledge and comfort in the bush.

Clancy Roberts

When I decided to leave the military, I struggled with the same battles as most ex-Defence people, loss of purpose, structure and sense of belonging. For me time spent in the outdoors brings relief from the stress and turmoil of everyday life. Finding solace in being able to step away from the hustle and bustle and return to nature has helped me with many of the battles inherent to my previous occupation.

I believe that getting off the grid and spending time in the great outdoors is a great way to de-stress and find some quiet in this crazy world. No matter your reason for getting out there a little knowledge can increase your enjoyment, comfort and safety while getting off the beaten path.

Here at Way-finder field skills I aim to impart some of the lessons I have learned so that others can also enjoy time outdoors with the confidence and safety that I cherish so much.